Face-to-Face Transactions

Step 1

  • Once the buyer finds the item that they wish to buy, they pay a refundable deposit into the secure Trustap Hold. This gives the seller proof of the buyer’s commitment and interest in the item, so that they may now meet face-to-face.
  • This deposit is refundable - so if the buyer goes to the meeting and the seller doesn’t show up, or if the item isn’t as advertised, then they get their money back.

Step 2

  • At this face-to-face meeting, the buyer has an opportunity to inspect the item they are buying. If they are happy with it, they then negotiate a final price with the seller.
  • The seller then inputs this agreed amount into the Trustap platform.

Step 3

  • The buyer then transfers the remainder of the funds into the Trustap hold - not including the amount already included in the deposit.
  • The seller can see through the Trustap platform that this has been done, allowing them to handover the item with peace of mind.

Step 4

  • After the handover is confirmed, the 24 hour face-to-face complaints period begins.
  • Once the complaint period elapses and no complaints are made, Trustap instantly releases the money to the seller, successfully completing the transaction.