How do I add my details from Preloved?

For security reasons, the only way bank or personal details can be added is by logging in to Trustap. 

Click here to log in to Trustap.


Adding Personal Details: 

The information required in your Trustap profile will depend on the country you selected when setting up your account. To see whether or not Trustap is available in your country, check out the relevant question in the basics tab. For example, in the UK, users are required to enter the following information:

  • First & Last Name
  • Date of Birth (Must be 18 or older)
  • Phone Number
  • Address - (Must be the same as the one on your bank account)

Note: This address doesn't have anything to do with where a package will be sent to as this can be specified to the seller at any stage. Trustap collects this address for identity verification purposes.

For more information about the availability of Trustap in your country, click here.


Adding Bank Details:

The bank account linked to your Trustap profile will be where the money will be transferred to once you have completed a transaction as a seller in any given transaction. 

You can enter your bank details by providing your account number and sort code.

Note: Buyers do not need to add bank details unless they want to become a seller at some point.