How do I benefit using Trustap as a seller?

As a seller; Trustap allows you to gauge genuine intent to buy from potential buyers. Buyers having to make a payment for your item or service before they receive it shows their genuine interest in the item. Once you can see that the money is in the hold this can offer you peace of mind before moving forward with the handover or delivery of the item.

Using Trustap as a seller can also provide a USP for you and any potential buyers. By showing buyers that you are willing to use a secure transaction platform such as Trustap you can build a greater sense of trust between you and your buyer. Trustap also offers the added security layer of verifying sellers identities, therefore allowing a buyer to trust you even more. Showing buyers that you are willing to go this extra mile can make you stand out from other sellers online.

Lastly, as a seller using Trustap you will not have to pay any fees. All fees are paid by the buyer.