How do I know Trustap is secure?

“Scamming” comes in two primary forms in all transactions.

(1) buyers don’t get value for what they pay for.

(2) sellers don’t get value for what they sell.

Trustap is the only transaction platform that fully addresses these issues by ensuring each transaction runs fairly. Buyers don’t pay for anything until they receive the item and are happy with it. Sellers don’t have to send anything until they know the correct funds are being held securely.

Check out this video to get a clearer idea of how the platform can help put an end to online fraud and scams.

Trustap is integrated with over 500 delivery services across the globe; including FedEx, UPS and DHL, as well as most national postal services. This means you can track a delivery made with any of these companies when using Trustap. All payments made with Trustap are handled by Stripe.