Online Transactions

Step 1

  • After the buyer and the seller agree on all the necessary details and start a transaction, the buyer transfers their payment (including the Trustap fee) into the Trustap Hold.
  • Once the funds are in the Trustap hold, the seller sends the item in question via registered post. The seller has up to 48 hours to input all the postal tracking information to Trustap in order for the transaction to proceed.
  • If the seller fails to input the tracking information from the package within the allotted time frame, the funds are returned to the buyer’s account and the transaction is cancelled.

Step 2

  • Once the tracking information has been verified, and the delivery is linked to the courier or postal company’s own tracking system, the delivery status of the item may be checked by either party at any time through Trustap. This offers valuable peace of mind by giving a clear idea of when the item will be delivered and the transaction completed.
  • Once the item arrives, the buyer signs for it and checks the item out to ensure it’s what they wanted.
  • The buyer signing for the package initiates the 24-hour complaints period, during which time the buyer can inspect the item to ensure it's as described by the seller. If it is not the buyer can lodge a complaint.

Step 3

  • The funds remain held for this 24-hour time period and will be automatically released to the seller after the time has elapsed, unless the buyer lodges a complaint or indicates to Trustap customer support that they are happy to release the funds to the seller sooner.
  • Should the buyer lodge a complaint, the funds will remain held and the reverse of the transaction will take place, whereby the buyer must return the package to the seller within the seller time limit (48 hours).
  • Once the seller signs for the package, the funds will be released as long as no further complaints are made.

Step 4

  • When the 24-hour complaints period has elapsed, and no complaints are made by the buyer, Trustap instantly releases the funds to the seller, completing the transaction.