Trustap supports the sale and purchase of E-tickets, facilitated by third party ticket transfer services, using our secure Face to Face transaction model. Once an E-ticket has been successfully received by the buyer (as indicated by the seller) and the 24-hour complaints period has elapsed, the full sum will be released from the Trustap hold to the seller.

When using our Face to Face transaction model for E-Tickets, buyer and seller need to skip ‘deposit’ while creating the transaction  (this is an option available with our Face to face model when transacting with someone that lives within close proximity to you and the item is something that can be handed over in person).

Step 1

  • After the buyer and the seller agree on all the necessary details and start a transaction, the buyer transfers their payment (including the Trustap fee) into the Trustap Hold.
  • Once the funds are in the Trustap hold, the seller transfers the ticket(s) via a third party ticket transfer service (e.g Ticketmaster Ticket Transfer). The seller has up to 48 hours to indicate the transfer is complete in order for the transaction to proceed.
  • If the seller fails to send the ticket(s) and confirm using the above method within the allotted time frame, the funds are returned to the buyer’s account and the transaction is cancelled.

Step 2

  • When payment is made and buyer confirms that everything is ok, buyer and seller need to confirm the handover in the app.

Step 3

  • After the handover is confirmed, the 24 hour face-to-face complaints period begins
  • The funds remain held for this 24-hour time period and will be automatically released to the seller once the time has elapsed, unless the buyer chooses to release them sooner.
  • Should the buyer lodge a complaint, the funds will remain held and the reverse of the transaction must take place, whereby the buyer must return the tickets to the seller within the seller time limit (48 hours).

Step 4

  • When the 24-hour complaints period has elapsed, assuming no complaints are made by the buyer, Trustap instantly releases the funds to the seller, completing the transaction. These funds will appear in the seller’s bank account within 2-3 working days, depending on the bank in question.