Should my transaction be Online or Face to Face?

Trustap's transaction online and face-to-face transaction models are both designed to provide users with peace of mind going into a transaction with a stranger. There are some cases, however, where one model is better suited to a particular transaction than the other.

For example, an online transaction is often better suited for transactions involving smaller items, where it would be impractical to meet the other party in person. An online transaction is also the best choice for transactions taking place between two users for whom a face to face meeting is difficult or impossible, e.g. users in different countries.

A face-to-face transaction is better for transactions where the price of the item has to be negotiated after seeing it in person or the item is too big to be shipped. A good example of this is the sale of a car. When buying a car, it is important to both inspect it in person, and, if possible, test drive it before agreeing on a price. The face-to-face model may also be more convenient for transactions where both parties live close to each other.