What are the advantages of using Trustap?

As a buyer; Trustap bridges the gap in trust between you and the seller. Your money is held in our escrow-like  holding account until after you've received the item and your 24-hour complaints period has elapsed. This way you can ensure you got exactly what you paid for before your money is released to the seller.

Trustap’s online model combines both payment and delivery into one efficient and transparent service for our users. Other comparable platforms prioritize either payment or delivery and do not cater for both. Trustap takes care of the entire transaction from start to finish.

Trustap's face-to-face model provides peace of mind to users who want to transact in person with strangers they met online. Trustap is the only service which uses a refundable deposit based system that preserves each user’s ability to negotiate a fair price in person, after seeing the item for themselves.

Trustap’s service is completely transparent which eliminates any ambiguity between the buyer and the seller in all scenarios. Both parties know exactly where the money and the item is at all times. This provides valuable peace of mind to both parties in the transaction.

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