What are the fees?

Trustap charges the buyer

Trustap charges the buyer a set service fee of 40c plus a small percentage of the amount of money being transferred, depending on the currency selected.

The currencies available on Trustap, while creating a transaction, are:

Euro, British Pound Sterling, Polish złoty and US Dollar.

The fees per currency are:

Euro, British Pound Sterling, Polish złoty: 3% + 40c .
US Dollar: 4.4% + 40c.

Examples of our fees:

€100, £100 or zł100: 3%+40c = €3.40.
$100: 4.4%+40c= $4.80.

These are Trustap’s standard fees. We are in the process of introducing a tiered model where our fees will reduce as the value of the transaction increases.

Also, please bear in mind that extra charges (while making a payment) may arise if your bank’s card issuer charges a fee for foreign currency exchange. We recommend that the buyer and the seller agree on the currency before creating the transaction (usually payments are made using the seller's preferred currency). 

Finally, for high value transactions (above €10,000 or equivalent) and to get some insight into our custom pricing, please reach out to our Partnership Team here, where you will be able to book a meeting to discuss it further.