What is the Trustap Hold?

The Trustap Hold is a secure virtual safe that keeps the buyer's funds secure while transacting with another user. This means that the buyer never pays the seller directly, completely protecting both sides from any potential scammers.

In the online model, the full price is sent directly to the Trustap Hold and is not released to the seller until the buyer has received the item and the 24 hour complaints period has elapsed.

In the face-to-face model,  the buyer sends a refundable deposit to the Trustap Hold to convey their interest in the seller's item. The buyer and seller then meet face-to-face at an agreed location to discuss the full amount. Once the buyer is happy to proceed with the transaction, they send the remainder of the funds to the Trustap Hold. Once the handover of the item takes place and the 24 hour complaints period has elapsed, the full amount is released to the seller.